Free Finetti diagram generator

The "de Finetti" diagram graphically illustrates the genotype frequencies for a bi-allelic locus within a population. This diagram makes use of a trinagular plot (also known as trilinear, triaxial or ternary plot) to represent the distribution of the three genotype frequencies in relation to each other. Although it differs from many other such plots in that the direction of one of the axes has been reversed.


The curved line in the above diagram is refered to as the Hardy-Weinberg parabola. This curve represents the point where the alleles are in a state of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.

It is possible to generate "de Finetti" diagrams with a command line based programm (available under Downloads) or directly online. You will have to register before granted access to the online version. Once you are registered you will be able to

Please review the system and browser requirements regarding the use of the online or command line version of "de Finetti" generator software (you will need a browser which supports scalable vector graphics).